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There are many advantages to using the AJ Garlinge Mobile repair service over fixed service centres…
…here's a few reasons we can think of:
No need for you to transport the machinery away
Lower costs as we do not need to collect and return
Machinery that is due a service but is otherwise working quite happily remains in use with you - NOT sitting idle in a workshop somewhere
Lower costs as we have no workshop premises to maintain
You can see for yourself just how much attention to detail and integrity we have
We come, by arrangement, at a time to suit you. Our hours of work are:
Mon - Fri, 8am - 5:30pm.
  • The majority of our work is now on petrol driven rotary lawnmowers.
  • We service and repair many popular makes and models but not all of them!
  • We are approved service dealers for the following prestige brand:
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Briggs and Stratton is perhaps the most famous manufacturer of lawn mower and lawn tractor engines- supplying as standard to many global brands.
Our charges will vary according to the condition of your machine and the complexity of repairs. Generally speaking if we are not able to see the machine first, it will not always be possible to be exact with pricing, as so much depends on the type of machine, the nature of the repair, whether there is hidden damage or wear, whether worn parts are required, extra time needed for cleaning…and so on!

However we can often give a reasonably accurate quote based on information given to us about the make and model, age and any faults you are aware of, so you shouldn’t get any unpleasant surprises!

Our customers tell us that we are less expensive than workshop based repair centres and this is probably true because we do not have to maintain a large workshop premises and storage facilities.

Our invoices are thorough, ensuring that all components and labour are priced leaving you with complete clarity.

And finally, as we come to you, you are able to see us at work – so you know just how long the job takes!
If we are unable to carry out any repair or service you have requested or, in the event your machine is beyond economical repair, we will charge a call-out or minimum charge to cover our journeys, time and any advice given.

Our call out charge is currently £57.00
Modern fuels contain Ethanol which freely mixes with moisture from the atmosphere. This can cause serious problems within the fuel system, carburettor and engine, resulting in engines refusing to start and then you having to wait for repairs and possible expensive repair bills.

It’s a fact, to-days petrol you purchase at the pumps deteriorates immediately after pumping. Petrol actually goes stale within 30 days of purchase!

So the simple solution is to only purchase enough fuel to last you 30 days!

However some of your machinery may be used infrequently, including some grass cutting mowers, hedgecutters, strimmers, generators, cultivators, vacuums and so on.

If you need to store petrol for more than 30 days, particularly when you store fuel over the winter months, then we strongly recommend the use of Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit additive.

We find most people use traditional 5 litre fuel containers. So after filling up with fresh fuel at the fuel station simply add 50ml of Fuel Fit to your 5 litres of petrol. Give the can a shake and your fuel will stay stabilised for up to 2 years!

Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit additive is available in 100ml and 250ml bottles and is available from us Remember to order some the next time you need us!

100ml of Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit additive treats 10 litres of petrol

More information can be found by going to Google and typing in:
benefits of using briggs & stratton fuel fit
As winter approaches, your garden equipment is likely to go into hibernation for a considerable period of time. We hope you will benefit from our advice and tips for this period – they come from many years of experience!

Winter Storage of your Equipment

Most of us will make our last cut of the season during late October or early November. After you have finished using your machine for the last time we recommend you have the machine serviced before it is stored away for the winter. Servicing your machine after use will prolong the life of the equipment, will make start up in the new season easier and give peace of mind

Please refer to our Servicing Section for more detailed information and advice


Modern fuels left in engine carburettors for over 30 days will badly gum the assembly and block internal fuel galleries, resulting in expensive workshop repairs! Before storing away your machine for over 30 days run the engine completely out of fuel

When cleaning your machine follow the instructions supplied with your equipment. Tipping the engine incorrectly will cause oil to seep into areas that will damage parts and result in expensive workshop repairs! Avoid using pressure washers or hose pipes.
When cleaning your machine follow the instructions supplied with your equipment.

Tipping the engine incorrectly will cause oil to seep into areas that will damage parts and result in expensive workshop repairs! Avoid using pressure washers or hose pipes.
Fortunately, many years of experience enables us to know what parts we are likely to need in any given circumstance and it is very rare that we are unable to fix a problem in one visit. And remember, with a busy schedule, secondary visits are not in our interest either!

If your machine has a particular fault, describing this to us accurately in advance can help. Also, having a prior knowledge of the make and model of your machine can help in such circumstances

Whilst we work on an appointment basis, when a return visit is required, we will of course do everything possible to get back without delay.
Fortunately we are able to order and supply new machines, quite often within 24hours! However as we will be present at your premises we will be able to advise you of your best options.
In season we aim to offer a prompt repair service to all our customers, unlike dealer workshops that get clogged up and leave their customers waiting for weeks on end Surprisingly our busiest time of the year is Winter when we are carrying out annual servicing This then leaves us time in season to get out to you when you need us most.

Generally if it’s an urgent request we are able to get to you and fix your problem within 3 working days or less! So please don’t think we are always busy! Give us a call or better still contact us by e-mail. Use the contact page on this web site. Remember it’s very important to have all relevant information about your machine i.e. machine model and serial numbers engine manufacturer and model number so we can deal with your problem promptly
Our aim is to provide first class service and repairs and keep in stock a good range of relevant spare parts. We specialise in the makes and models we repair so we can achieve this standard.