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Winter Servicing

We should all know the importance of having our garden machinery serviced at least once a year, to ensure it is safe to use and gives the best performance. Our standards of service also serve to give you a machine that is reliable throughout the cutting season

We are quite often asked “When is the best time to have my machine serviced?” Personally, when we have finished our last cut - usually late October or early November - we give all our machines their winter service and clean. We then leave them in what we call “light preservation”. All we need to do in the spring is fill with fresh fuel and away we go!

Everyone has their own preference for when to have their servicing done. Whatever your preference, now’s the time to book your machinery in for its annual service.

We really do appreciate customers booking their machinery in advance for servicing this winter. It helps us organise servicing over the winter months.

Remember: you choose and book the month, then we contact you just before the service to confirm and arrange timings and requirements.

Loading... TIP: We quite understand that if some of your equipment has been little used it may not require a service. Therefore we recommend that you just specify a “Check Over” This will satisfy you that the equipment is safe and ready for work without any apparent faults.

Loading... TIP: Whether you decide to have us service your equipment, miss your service this year or choose to do your own servicing, it is important to remember the following:

  • Run the engine right out of fuel. Modern fuels left in engine carburettors for over 30 days will badly gum the assembly and block internal fuel galleries, resulting in expensive workshop repairs!
  • Clean your machinery before you put it away for the winter.
  • When cleaning your machine follow the instructions supplied with your equipment. Tipping the engine incorrectly will cause oil to seep into areas that will damage parts and result in expensive workshop repairs!
  • Do not use pressure washers!
  • Batteries on some equipment may require charging during the winter months.